Reality of a Diagnosis

I’ve been struggling with how to begin this blog post for a couple months now. So I thought I’d try something a little different. To open, I asked Sophea if there was anything she wanted to include in our blog and my social butterfly was excited to participate: “I feel very overwhelmed with all of… Continue reading Reality of a Diagnosis

Sophea’s Orthopedic Appointment

December 7th 2017. Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Sophea’s spine appointment for kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis. We have waited months for this appointment. We knew what was coming. We anticipated, agonized even, and then tried our best to put it out of our minds to forget what was ahead- what we were sure the doctors would… Continue reading Sophea’s Orthopedic Appointment

Adyleade’s Neurology appointment and EEG results

Without delay, the first thing we did after the Ambulance trip following Adylaede’s possible seizure episode was schedule a neurology appointment for her. Neither of my girls had been to their neurologist in over 2 years. They are generally expected to follow up every 6 months, however, without insurance, we did the bare minimum for doctor… Continue reading Adyleade’s Neurology appointment and EEG results